The creative destruction industry is booming, and a lot of the time it’s the result of writers who want to sell more books than they can actually sell.

It all started when a writer named Michael Koman took to Instagram in 2014 to post a picture of his book “Frozen in Your Hands” on his phone.

“I was just like, ‘Oh my God, I have to post this!'”

Koman said.

“And then my phone was like, like, 30 seconds later and it was already on Amazon.

So I was like ‘OK, let’s go.'”

That same year, another artist named Justin Stolte wrote a book titled “The Book that Shaped the World.”

“That book changed the world,” Stolty said.

In the years that followed, a slew of books from Koman, Stoltte, and others got sold to Amazon.

Stolty, who lives in Southern California, said he got about $1,000 worth of royalties for his book, but he’s still not quite sure how he got there.

While he’s not a big fan of the creative destruction business, he said he’d probably pay for a book like this if he was able to.

Even if he’s willing to pay $150 for the first two pages, he doesn’t expect to be able to justify spending that much on a book for another five years.

He said he’s happy to sell the book for $50, but would rather take a chance on someone else to do the work.

So what is a creative destruction book?

“There’s no formula, really,” Koman explained.

Koman is referring to a term used in the business of book publishing, where a writer has to figure out a way to get people to buy a book in order to make a profit.

That formula typically involves creating a catchy title, a catchy cover, and creating a compelling, well-written story.

But Koman says he’s seen many publishers try to write a book that sells a lot more than they actually do.

One way to do that is to sell a book with the code words “creative demolition,” which means that the book is a product of its creator’s imagination.

But a lot people aren’t paying attention to the actual words in the book titles, Koman wrote on Instagram.

I’ve been told many times, ‘You can’t do this with code words, it’s not creative destruction.’

But I’ve also been told that creative destruction is the real thing, not the code word,” he said.

Koman is a graphic designer by trade, so he had to figure something out to create a book so he could sell it.

This past summer, Komer said he launched his first project in the industry called “Fancy Pants.”

Komos work is called “creativity demolition,” and he was inspired to do it after he stumbled upon a list of codes and codes of code word-based words on his own Instagram account.

His first code was “creativus.”

It was meant to be a code word for the term “Fifty Shades of Grey,” Komer told Entertainment Weekly.

To Koman and his friends, that code was a great way to say, “We’re doing this!”

But many people don’t realize that “creativa” means “creates.”

So Koman’s next project was “Pussy Riot.”

He added “pussy” to the end of his code and “revolution” to his title, and it became the basis for a new series of books.

Like other creative destruction authors, Komos works at a publisher called “The Creative Destruction Company,” which specializes in writing books that get a lot sales.

They typically focus on titles that feature women in the title, such as “Women in Power,” or a book called “Black Female Activists.”

But when he first started writing, he struggled to find any books with “p” in the name.

The first book he wrote was called “Pillows,” which featured a photo of a woman in a pillow.

A few years later, he started writing about the “Cultural Revolution,” which is a term for the social upheaval caused by the Soviet Union.

Koms work focused on books that featured female revolutionaries.

When he was publishing “Pallbearers,” he noticed a few titles that included “p.”

That’s when he thought, maybe this is just the way to sell books.

The books would be the same color as the covers, and the author would have a code in their title that would match the cover.

He started to see the books selling like hotcakes, and he started selling books like these, too.

Koman said he sees a lot in his field of work that could be considered creative destruction.


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