The Oculus Rift virtual reality headset is on the rise, but some developers are trying to make games for it using the latest version of ARKit, an open-source tool for building 3D games.

Arkanet has been making a virtual world based on ARKit since December 2016, when it launched its first app, ARK: Survival Evolved.

It has since been updating and adding more games and experiences.

But for some, ARKit was never quite ready for primetime.

It took a long time to develop and ship the first version of its first game, ARKing, to the Oculus Rift.

It’s now more than a year since that game was released.

It was also one of the first VR games to be developed by the popular game developer, Epic Games, but that was a two-year journey, not a full year.

The development team behind ARKing and ARK2 decided to take a different approach.

They built a game in ARKit called ARK King, a sequel to the first game that focuses on the game’s predecessor, ARKnight.

The game will allow players to explore a large, open-world map in a first-person shooter style.

It will take a while for developers to figure out what they need to build and ship with ARKit 3.0, but they have started to find a few promising ideas.

They have created ARK 3D, a virtual version of the ARKing game, which allows players to play as two different characters from the first ARKing.

The ARKKing team is hoping to make money off ARKing by making more content for the game, according to a statement on the official ARK subreddit.

The ARKing team has been working on ARKing since February 2017, and the ARK3D version is expected to be released later this year, the statement said.

While it will be up to developers to make content for ARKing 3D and ARKing 2.0 in the ARKit format, the ARKings development team has made a few interesting suggestions that could be of use to other developers.

The team has suggested that developers could use a new “collaboration” feature called ARP to share their content with the other developers on the ARTeam, so they could collaborate on their own games.

They also want developers to use ARKit for the “main-screen” experience, the game-viewing part, to allow players the ability to move around the map without having to use a mouse.ARKit’s biggest competitor, Unreal Engine 4, offers more traditional game development tools for ARKit developers, but it is still in its early days.

The Unity engine for game development is built using Unity’s Unity 5 game development SDK.

Unity 5 is also the standard for AR, but not quite as popular as ARKit.

The current Unity version of Unity doesn’t support ARKit yet, but there are several other popular game engines that do support AR.

“We hope that the AR community will continue to explore and discover new ways to make ARKit available to developers, and that we will see ARKit in more and more of the game development landscape,” Arkanet’s statement said, according in part to Ars Technica.

It’s unclear how ARKit will play out in the near future.

The Oculus Oculus Rift has been delayed by a year and a half, while HTC is working on its own version of virtual reality.

Other virtual reality headsets like the HTC Vive are still in development.

In October, Google unveiled its own VR headset, Google Daydream, but Google and Samsung have not confirmed any specific plans for a Daydream-based AR headset.


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