Creative synonym can be a difficult task.

We are often faced with words that appear to be mutually exclusive, but there are so many other possibilities for our usage.

Here are some ideas to get you started.


If you have no idea what it is you are using, think of it as a series of possibilities.

When you have a question, you can ask a colleague.

You can ask someone at work.

You may even ask someone you have known a long time.

You have no choice but to think about the words that come to mind.

If that word doesn’t fit the category you are thinking about, use another one.


If it is something that is part of a family or culture, you should think of what it means.

It may mean a great deal to you.

You might find that it sounds familiar.

Or maybe it means nothing at all.

You don’t need to know exactly what it might mean, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.


If a word is used by people or a group of people, it can be helpful to think of its meanings.

You want to know what a word means to you, but you might want to think through its associations.

For example, you might be interested in how a word might be used in a particular context.

You could start with “I love the color purple,” or you might start with a list of things that you would say in order to be more specific.

You are free to think and to do anything you want.


When trying to find a synonym for a word, consider what is being used to express a concept or a belief.

If someone is talking about a person, then you might look at his or her name or job title, or your favorite sports team.

If the word is associated with a particular person, use that person’s name, not his or she.


If an English word has an important meaning, it is always better to think in terms of the meaning of the word than in terms, say, of its meaning.

For instance, if you are reading an article that is about a group or a specific type of group, think about how you would use the word in your sentence if you were talking about the group.

For the word “lots,” think about its meaning in terms like “a lot of people.”

If it has a specific meaning, say it with “a great many,” “a large number,” or “a group of many.”

For example: “Lots of people are coming together in the city to celebrate Halloween.”

It is better to say “the city is going to be filled with Halloween costumes and a great many candy-bearing children,” than to say that people are going to gather in the street and “gather in the streets.”


If there are two or more synonyms for a given word, choose a word that has one or more of the synonyms.

You need to look at what it has in common with the synonym you are looking for, so that you can identify that synonym when you see it.

For examples, think back to the word you used to say: “I feel very proud that I have found the word I am using.”

Think about the synonymous word and ask yourself if it matches.

You will likely find that you will find a word or two that match.

If so, you have found synonyms that are good choices.


When looking for synonyms, don’t forget that words and their meanings can change over time.

If words do not make sense now, try other words.

For many words, you may not be able to find an equivalent word.

Sometimes the word itself is the best way to find synonyms and you may find that some words you might have been searching for can be found in some of the other synonyms you are searching for.

For a list, see the word search tool in the Tools menu in the top right corner of this screen.


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