When Facebook says you can’t make a game without making a product, that’s the truth, writes Mark Pincus

In the wake of Facebook’s decision to stop supporting the development of its own games, many have questioned the company’s business model.

Now, Facebook has put forth a new argument that could be used by companies like its own.

“As a result of the change, some people who have used our apps for months have been asked to change their passwords, but they can’t,” a post on the company said.

“We’ve also seen some people’s accounts flagged as ‘suspicious’ or ‘not trusted’ because they were sharing passwords or other personal information without permission.

Facebook will also stop working with any business or organization that uses our services to make any other product or service.”

Pincus is a longtime critic of Facebook, but he’s not the only one to have questioned its business model as well.

In January, his company, CraveTV, sued Facebook for allegedly failing to pay the company royalties it was due for a series of original programming.

That case is still pending.

As for Pincusses arguments, his blog post was based on what he called Facebook’s own argument that the game business is “a business in which profit is derived by the production of products, and profits are made by the sale of those products.”

“If that’s true, then there’s a big difference between making a game and making a platform or a game service,” Pincuses blog post continued.

“You can make both, but if you’re going to make a platform you have to have the product, which in this case is a game.”PINCUS told Business Insider he’s “not sure how much credence” he will give Facebook for the new claims, but noted that Facebook is in the business of selling ads to advertisers, so that may have been a valid reason to stop funding the development and support of its game.

“But the argument that there’s an inherent conflict between making products and making games is nonsense,” Pinscuss said.

“That’s just not true.

That’s just a way of saying, ‘We need to make this as profitable as possible.’

It’s just silly.””

The fact is that if you want to make money from making a video game, you have some basic rules.

If you want people to buy your game, then you have a few more things you have going on.

But the reality is that most games don’t sell well enough to make you very happy,” he said.


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