By now, it’s clear the Yankees have been in an endless, frenetic state of “making the most of what we have.”

That, in turn, has allowed them to become creative in all areas of the bullpen, from the bullpen itself to how they approach their bullpen usage.

In an effort to keep the Yankees from becoming a one-dimensional organization, they’ve started to experiment with bullpen usage in some unexpected ways.

They’ve taken a page out of the Cubs’ playbook and turned it into an offense-driven, multi-man bullpen that has been effective for the team and for fans alike.

They have even started to utilize the bullpen in their games, utilizing the bullpen to provide a much-needed extra offensive punch to the lineup, something that hasn’t been possible with the one-man-only setup.

While this isn’t necessarily a new strategy, this is the first time the Yankees’ bullpen has been utilized in a way that has allowed for multiple players to play different roles.

That’s an approach that the Yankees haven’t seen in the past, but it’s definitely worth noting.

The Yankees have employed this strategy in the postseason as well, going from using only one reliever in a bullpen to having multiple starters in the bullpen.

When the Yankees were at their best last season, they were able to have multiple relievers in the lineup and have some flexibility in the rotation.

They were able even to use their bullpen as a spot to stash a starter and some quality relievers.

The Yankees’ playoff record was 11-8 and they ended up making the playoffs in the Wild Card game after they used the bullpen extensively to help them reach the postseason.

In their postseason win against the Dodgers, they used their bullpen to have six different relievers on the field.

They had four relievers who pitched two innings each, two relievers with two innings pitched, and two relieving with one inning pitched.

The bullpen combined for 16.1 innings pitched and allowed no runs.

While the bullpen had some issues against the Padres in the Series, it didn’t really have much trouble against the Red Sox.

The most important aspect of this strategy is that the bullpen has the ability to go out and execute the type of work that you’d normally only see from a one man setup.

There isn’t a one size fits all approach to the bullpen as the Yankees will have two guys on the mound, one of which will be a reliever and the other of which is an outfielder.

While this has been a very successful strategy for the Yankees, it has also been a problem for some of their other relievers, with Josh Thole suffering from a variety of injuries throughout the postseason, and Jose Bautista also struggling.

It’s important to note that the one man bullpen is only effective in one way.

That way, it provides an extra offensive weapon for the offense.

With a one player setup, a starter or reliever will be able to work to get on base while a third hitter can come to the plate and steal bases, and the extra defensive benefits of having two relieves on the bench allows the offense to work harder on the basepaths.

But it’s important that you understand that there is a downside to this.

The one man system can be very effective at getting guys on base and keeping runners on base, but once that becomes a thing, the Yankees can’t do that anymore.

As you can see in the graphic above, the bullpen can be effective at providing extra offensive options for the lineup.

If a player like Alex Rodriguez were to pitch and throw for a team, then he would be able go out there and throw his fastball more than twice per game.

The difference between a guy like Alex and someone like J.D. Martinez would be a lot of the same things.

He would pitch for a higher strikeout rate, he would throw his breaking balls more often and he would have more grounders.

The bottom line is that there will always be a risk that you will get yourself in situations where you get hit with a pitch that you didn’t need to pitch for.

And that’s a risk the Yankees don’t take, because they know that if they throw a fastball more often than you need to throw it, then you’re going to have to go somewhere else to score.

That, too, is something the Yankees know is a risk with the two-man setup.

The other aspect of the two man bullpen that I want to touch on is how they have shifted to a two-in-one approach to relievers and hitters.

With the Yankees using the two in one setup to give the lineup more offensive options, they have used a different setup to allow them to put a guy in the outfield and give the hitters an extra opportunity to score runs.

The result of this is that they are giving the hitters a chance to score more often while still giving the pitcher an opportunity to throw a pitch.

The idea here is to give each hitter more of an opportunity at scoring runs. There’s no


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