A new study has shown that children’s toys, playtime and play experiences are enriched by watching children’s art, music and crafts, according to the American Museum of Natural History.

Artwork is particularly enriched by seeing children’s original paintings, says Amanda Stauffer, associate professor of museum anthropology at New York University.

The study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, showed that children in a classroom of a preschooler who spent time watching childrens artwork and watching their playtime interacted with the artwork more positively.

The preschooler was also more likely to rate the art as being important, positive and fun.

This new study is important, because it’s the first time we’ve looked at these questions,” Staufer says.

Art and art history is one of the more popular subjects taught in museums, says Mary Schreiber, professor of history at the University of Maryland and an author of the study.

It is often discussed in the context of museum exhibits, and the museum is looking to learn more about how people who live and work in museums interact with one another.

Art has a long history, but it has never been a topic of focus in museum education, Schreib says.

That’s partly because it is an abstract subject and not something that is actually taught in school, she says.

The museum has not yet studied how art affects children’s creative abilities, but there is evidence that it can impact children’s ability to form ideas and be creative, Stauff said.

It also appears that it has a positive impact on kids’ attention span and creativity.

The new study used the Internet-based survey SurveyMonkey to gauge the kids’ interest in participating in a two-week online workshop in the fall, which is taught by an experienced teacher.

The workshop takes place in the summer.

Artworks were chosen from a set of 30,000 randomly selected works created by the museum and included a selection of the museum’s own and selected childrens artworks.

They were designed to teach children about the history of art, its importance, and how it is represented in the world today.

The artworks include some of the most iconic objects from the past, like a 16th century Dutch wooden frame called a “kleip”, which was found on the island of Keflavik, Iceland, and another that is one part of the Museum of the Future in New York City.

Other works include the works of John Coltrane, a musician, and a painting by the artist Salvador Dali that hangs on the museum campus.

The workshop has become a part of a curriculum that is currently being taught in preschools and kindergartens.

Schreifer said the workshop has proven to be an effective way for preschoolers to learn about the world of art and to be inspired by the creative process of others.”

We found that preschoolers actually took an interest in the process of painting,” she says, adding that the workshops have also helped students develop their own artistic skills.

Kids’ creativity and curiosity is not limited to artwork, Schmettner says.

In addition to watching art, kids also love to learn how to paint, and that is an important aspect of art education, Staeffer adds.”

It’s the ability to paint with confidence, and be confident in your own ability to do something, and to let others know that you can do it,” she adds.

Art works are also an important part of kids’ educational experiences.

For instance, kids who participated in the workshop were asked to write about how they would paint something from the perspective of a human being.

The teachers were also able to teach about the impact of the artwork on kids.

For example, children were asked how the artwork would affect their moods.”

If we can teach kids about how to communicate in an artistic way, it opens up their imagination and gives them the tools to express themselves creatively, too,” Staeff says.

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