The HTC Vive is an incredibly exciting VR platform that will likely be the most successful gaming product of the year.

It is a VR headset that will allow gamers to enjoy virtual reality in new ways.

But when it comes to its VR headset, it’s not exactly a new idea.

In fact, it was a major player in the first wave of consumer-grade VR headsets, including the Oculus Rift.

But the HTC One has come a long way since that initial release.

And we know a lot about it now.

But first, let’s talk about what we know about HTC Vive.

HTC Vive HTC Vive, the new VR headset is currently under development and it’s going to launch in late 2017 or early 2018.

It will be available at a range of retail outlets, including Best Buy, Best Buy and Microsoft stores, as well as online.

Its design is a mixture of old and new, featuring an aluminum chassis and a metal frame.

HTC has said that its headset will be built from a proprietary design, and it will also be made with materials that will be resistant to water.

It’ll be the first consumer-level VR headset to be manufactured using 3D printing, and HTC will be using it to make the headset’s controllers and sensors.

There will be a limited number of HTC Vive headsets in the market at launch.

The Vive will be the only consumer-facing VR headset with a built-in display, though HTC has also said that it intends to offer controllers for the headset in the future.

HTC will also offer controllers at launch that are compatible with the Oculus platform.

But for now, we know that HTC will sell only two controllers per customer at launch: the Vive Touch controllers and the Oculus Touch controllers.

Both controllers have a 5-inch OLED display.

HTC is promising that it will have more controllers on the way in the coming months.

HTC’s Vive headset will include a variety of accessories, including a controller dock, a VR headband, a pair of headphones, a charging dock, and a wireless docking station.

There are also some smaller accessories that will come with the headset, like the HTC Sense smart glasses.

These glasses will be compatible with a variety


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