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‘This is the most amazing invention I’ve ever seen’: Researchers show how to use 3D printing to create 3D-printed robots

I’ve been dreaming about a robot that could print out all the toys in a box, without ever having to get a piece of cardboard.

For more than a decade, we’ve been making toys that could be printed, but it’s never been as good as the ones we could make using a 3D printer. 

Now, a team of scientists at the University of Sheffield has shown that a robot could print toys that are a lot closer to the real thing. 

The team, led by Dr Nick Davies, created a 3-D printed robot called “Hobo” that can be controlled using a smartphone. 

Hobo is a toy that can move in any direction, and it’s designed to be as easy to control as a standard toy, with a 3 axis and four axis motion control. 

It’s like Lego, but with more toys. 

This 3D printed toy of the future, which is more like Lego than a real toy, could be used to make toys without having to assemble them. 

But how did they do it? 

The researchers first needed to build a 3 dimensional model of a toy, but instead of making a 3d model of the toy, they built a 3 dimension model of their toy, which they then used to print out the toy. 

What the team found was that a robotic arm that can manipulate objects in three dimensions, with three axes and four axes, is much more efficient than a 3rd-dimensional printer.

The robotic arm was then used as a 3 part printer, which can create the parts for a toy without needing to assemble the toy itself. 

“The 3D print is an interesting design because it allows you to have more flexibility with the parts,” Davies told The Guardian. 

One of the biggest challenges in the creation of robots is that they have to print in a specific order to work properly. 

In a previous research, the team demonstrated how to print a robot out of a 3,000 parts in just 20 seconds, and the team was able to print the parts on the computer, without having it be able to move. 

A robot that can print with more flexibility, and is able to use the same 3D model for its 3D parts.

This is a 3DS model of “Hobo”, which the researchers created using 3D printers. 

Image Credit: Nick Davies So how did this work? 

It turns out that the team needed to use two different printers to make each part, as the robotic arm needed to be able the print to print at a higher resolution than the 3D part. 

Each of the parts were 3D scanned using a scanner, which allowed the robot to print directly on the 3d print. 

When the robot was ready to print, the printer printed out a single part, which was a single 3D object. 

Davies explained that it took just a few minutes for the robot, to print it out. 

Once the robot printed out its 3 part, it then used a 3ds Max software program to create a digital copy of the 3 part.

This 3d printed model of Hobo. 

Photo Credit: Chris Harris


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