You can use the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license to share and remix images on your own site.

But there are a few things you’ll need to know before you begin.

Read on to find out what you need to consider.

How to share your work without attribution Creative Commons attribution is one of the simplest ways to add your own text and imagery to an image or video.

Simply give the attribution as shown in the image or by adding a link to the source.

For example, in this case, Creative Commons allows you to embed the image in a blog post and use it to call out the author.

This type of creative use of an image is perfectly fine, but don’t use Creative Commons in a way that suggests that it’s yours.

This can make your work seem more exclusive or less creative than it is.

This is why it’s important to understand what Creative Commons means before you do anything creative with it.

If you’re sharing an image and you’re not attributing it, then the attribution will be given to the image and not to you.

This is a common mistake, but if you can avoid it you can still share it without attribution.

The first step to avoiding this mistake is to make sure you have the rights to the original image.

In this case the image belongs to the copyright owner of the image.

This means the creator of the original is the only person who can use it.

For example, if the image was made by the person who created The Beatles and is owned by the Beatles estate, the copyright in the Beatles image is still owned by them.

If you don’t have the copyright, you can use a free, easy to use, Creative NonCommercial license instead.

The free license, by the way, does not require attribution.

This license will let you share images, video clips and audio files without attribution if you have a Creative Commons license.

The license allows you, for example, to use a Creative Noncommercial license to embed an image in an article or video, but it won’t let you make a derivative work out of it.

Creative Commons licenses are typically very popular with artists, so if you’re looking to share some creative content without permission, look for the Creative Non Commercial license.

If your license doesn’t allow you to make a Creative Attribution, then you’re still fine to share images or videos with attribution.

You can still make a limited number of Creative Commons-licensed images, videos and audio tracks.

These can be shared without attribution and are often used in videos, art, music, podcasts and more.

To share with attribution, first add the Creative Attribution to your page.

Then follow the instructions for using the license.


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