How to Get Away With Murder: How to Survive a Serial Killer’s Mind is a game of deduction

A few weeks ago, Reddit users posted a poll asking people to find out if a fictional serial killer would be able to get away with murdering someone.

The question was answered with a resounding “yes” by Reddit users, who then put up a poll to ask their own “Serial Killer” questions, including the following: “What does the word ‘killer’ mean?”

“How long does it take for a person to be able ‘survive’ a serial killer’s mind?” and “Is it possible to make a person ‘live with’ a killer?”

The results were stunningly good.

Over 1,600 people voted on the question of “How do I survive a serial murderer’s mind?,” and more than 3,200 answered.

Many of the answers were hilarious.

Here are some of the best ones: “The answer is yes.

You’ll have to live with the consequences of your actions.”

“The world is just as scary as it is beautiful.

I think the worst thing is the guilt you will feel for what you’ve done.”

“I am a serial killers, I am not a monster.”

“If you are willing to make the most of every day, you will not be able be stopped.”

“Every day is a new opportunity to live.”

And then there were some of our favorites: “I think a serial is not a bad name for someone with no sense of self.

A good name for the killer is a sociopath.

They are ruthless, cruel and callous.”

“As long as you don’t hurt anyone, you are a good person.”

“You can’t live your life without the fear of being killed by a serial.”

“It’s a lot of fun, but you will get to kill a lot.

Do not expect anything in return.”

“A good serial killer has no desire to get better.

They just want to get out of there.”

“Serial killers are not the type to do good for society.

They want to kill people and then hide the bodies.”

“They will make you feel better, but they will kill you if you do not help them.”

“To survive a killer, you have to think about your actions.

They will use their skills to find other ways to get what they want.”

Here are the responses from the Reddit community.

“If I were a serial, I would kill my victims to get revenge.

If I was a killer and I got away with it, I wouldn’t be so hard on myself.

The world would be a better place without me.”

“Surviving a serial does not mean being a sociopathy.

It just means that you are not afraid to live your own life and that you understand your own strengths and weaknesses.

A sociopath does not respect you and would do anything to hurt you.

A serial killer is not afraid of anyone.

I would rather be the one to have to explain my crimes to the police than the victim.

A killer does not care about anyone but himself.”

“When you find a serial person, make sure you do everything possible to help him.

If he does not want to help, then that is fine.

Do what you can to help.

A few things that you should remember: I do not want the world to be a horrible place.

Serial killers do not care.

The people they are killing are not important.

If you kill them, you give the killer the opportunity to come up with more and worse ways to hurt your family.

I do want to make sure that you have a good excuse for what is happening to you.

Do everything you can not to make it easier for the person who killed you.

This does not have to happen to your family, your neighbors or your boss.

I am always going to love you and you will always have the strength to live life to the fullest.

The best way to avoid being a victim of a serial has been to make life difficult for the other person who has the ability to kill you.

Don’t give them the opportunity.

Do something to make things easier for them, and then give them that opportunity.

If they do not listen to you, then they will find other victims.

When the opportunity presents itself, be the best possible example for them to follow.

Be kind to yourself.

The way you live your day is what makes you the person you are.

I hope you find the answers to your questions answered and you can live your best life.

-Karen, Atlanta, Georgia


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