By Matt ViserPosted March 24, 2018 1:23AM The Sixers are a team that has struggled to find a true point guard in recent years.

That has changed recently as they have signed one in Andrew Wiggins.

While Wiggins may not be the answer to the Sixers’ need for a star point guard, he could provide some much-needed stability and depth at the position.

The Sixers are also likely to re-sign both Jabari Parker and Evan Turner.

The most important thing for the Sixers at the moment, though, is to find the right player.

That will be the focus of this week’s edition of “The Score.”

First things first: The Sixers should be in the mix for the top pick in the draft.

The Celtics, Lakers, and 76ers all have the No. 1 picks, but the Sixers will likely have a strong case to take the top spot.

They’re likely to draft a point guard with their No. 5 pick, but they should not pass on a point forward or center.

The Sixers may be in a strong position with their first-round pick.

The Celtics have a history of drafting good point guards, including Andrew Wiggins, and there’s no reason to believe that won’t continue.

They have a lot of young talent, including Jabari, Jayson Tatum, and Josh Jackson.

The front office has shown it’s not afraid to take young talent and build around it.

If the Sixers want to move up, they’ll likely be looking for a point.

They’re currently in the middle of the pack in terms of points scored per game, but that should be improved over the next few seasons.

They should also be looking to add some shooting.

They’ll likely take a shooter with their pick.

It will be a difficult decision, but we’ll get into that more in a moment.

First, here’s the Sixers 2016-17 record, which ranked 18th in the league.

The team went 11-19 during the regular season.

They were 13-30 in the playoffs.

There is no reason why the Sixers can’t contend for the No, 1 seed in the East.

But we’ll start with the positives, and then discuss the negatives.

The 2016-2017 team finished with a winning record in the regular and postseason.

The Philadelphia 76ers won 51 games and the East by 13 games.

They finished the season with a record of 61-25, the best record in NBA history.

The 76ers also finished in the top three in defensive efficiency.

The league average was 82.7.

In the standings, the 76ers were 11th in offensive efficiency and 29th in defensive rating.

They scored at a clip of 104.8 points per 100 possessions.

The No. 11 seed had the highest point differential in the NBA, and the 76, who finished with the sixth-worst defense, were the best team in the conference.

The 2017-18 team finished the regular-season with a 14-11 record.

The next closest team was the Portland Trail Blazers, who won 51 regular-year games and went 19-13.

The Blazers had the third-best defensive rating in the entire NBA, the No 1 unit in the West.

The No. 3 seed, which was also the No 2 seed in 2016-19, finished with an 11-15 record.

That was the second-worst record in franchise history.

The team had the best defensive rating and the sixth best point differential.

They led the league in both categories.

In the standings they were the third best team.

This is where things get interesting.

The 76ers finished the playoffs with the third worst record, allowing a league-worst 110.7 points per game.

That ranked fourth-worst in the Eastern Conference.

The first-seeded team had a defensive rating of 107.5 and was the fourth-best defense in the Conference.

They had the second worst offense and had the worst defensive rating, but were the second best team overall.

If you take the best teams out of the standings and the No 11 seed and the third and sixth best teams, the Sixers are in the No., 10-10 mix.

The top three teams are the fourth, fifth, and sixth, which are all in the playoff picture.

It’s hard to get excited about a No. 10 pick, especially not with their record.

But if you look at the standings as a whole, the top-five teams are not bad.

The next-best team is the Philadelphia 76, which is a No, 7 seed.

That team is 14-14 and is tied for the second seed in this race.

The Jazz have the worst record in this year’s conference, but their record in that season is better than the Sixers.

They are also in the first-seed spot, but are tied for second in this matchup.

The Bucks, who are in a playoff race with the second and third-worst records, finished the year with a losing record and the worst mark in the Western Conference.


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