Creative flooring can be a big deal in your house, so we’ve rounded up some of our favorite ideas to use in your new space.


The DIY DIY Dining Chair (Image credit: Shutterstock)2.

The Creative Flooring Pillow (Image source: DIY Diner)3.

The Art of Crafts (Image credits: DIY Furniture)4.

A DIY DIY Flooring Wall (Image Credit: DIY Home)5.

The Ultimate DIY Floor (Image: Creative Space)6.

The Best DIY Dressing Chair (Photo credit: Creative Living)7.

The Craftsman DIY Drying Rack (ImageCredit: DIY Living)8.

The One Step DIY Docking Station (Image Credits: DIY Dockers)9.

The Top 5 DIY Diving Boards (Image by DIY Living Magazine)10.

The Essential DIY Dorm Furniture (Photo Credit: Creative Spaces)11.

How to Make DIY Dipping Table (Photo: DIY Kitchen)12.

How To Make a DIY Bed (Image Source: DIY Designer)13.

The Complete DIY Dashing Table (Image from Pinterest)14.

The Dining Room Wall (Photo credits: Pinterest)15.

DIY Bedside Tables (Image via The Creative Living Blog)16.

DIY Kitchen Counter (Image of the Kitchen Counter by The Creative Kitchen)17.

The Original DIY Dividing Table (Images via Pinterest)18.

DIY Countertop Dining Table (image credit: Pinterest, Pinterest)19.

DIY Wood Dresser (Image courtesy of DIY Living magazine)20.

DIY Ditching Table (via Pinterest)21.

How DIY Furnishings Are Made (Image Courtesy of DIY Design Group)22.

DIY Furnishing Supplies (via DIY Living, DIY Design)23.

The 5 Best DIY Furnitures (Photo by The Living Room)24.

DIY Refrigerator (Image and image source: Design Week)25.

How You Can Make Your Own DIY Drapes (Photo and image credit: Design Weekly)26.

The Perfect DIY Dumping Seat (via The Living Space)27.

The 10 Best DIY Decorations (Photo via DIY Living Blog, The Living Spaces)28.

The #1 DIY Ducting Board (via Design Week, Design Weekly, Design Magazine)29.

The 4 Best DIY Pillows (Image copyright: Creative Life)30.

The 1-Hour DIY Home Decorating Project (Image ©: CreativeSpace)31.

DIY Pileboard (via Creative Living, Creative Space, Designers Habitat)32.

DIY Wall Cladding (via Living Room Design, Living Space Magazine)33.

How the DIY Decorative Floor is Made (via Crafts for Life)34.

The 3 Best DIY DIY Ceiling (via Home Designers)35.

The 20 Best DIY Window Decor (via New York Magazine)36.

How Home Decors Are Made and How to Choose the Right Material (via Homeschooling Magazine)37.

The 50 Best DIY Home Furnishments (via Etsy)38.

The best DIY furniture designs (via Modern Love)39.

DIY Christmas Lights (via Tasty Ideas)40.

How Your DIY Decoration Decorates Your Home (via Bored Panda)41.

DIY Window and Door Decor, Decor Ideas (via Zazzle)42.

How you can make your own DIY wall hanging (via Style Blog)43.

The most amazing DIY decor pieces (via MakeUseOf)44.

How Christmas Decor is Made in Your Home.

(via Lifehacker)45.

How decorating your own Christmas tree (via A Christmas Tree)46.

How simple DIY wall hangings can be made in a few hours (via My Little House, DIY Living).47.

How easy is it to make your very own Christmas lights?

(via Gizmodo)48.

The ultimate DIY decor piece (via Hometown DIY)49.

How does a DIY light go up?

(Via Lifehacks)50.

How do you make DIY Christmas decorations?

(The Living Spaces Blog)


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