Creative director jobs are becoming increasingly competitive with other roles, and employers are starting to look for ways to retain and motivate creative talent.

In fact, creative director positions are more popular in the US than creative jobs. 

A new study by The Economist reveals the extent to which the creative sector is thriving, with employers finding creative workers and retaining them for a median of just four years.

In contrast, the average length of tenure for creative jobs is nearly five years.

The study also found that creative jobs were becoming more prestigious, with some creative roles becoming increasingly sought after. 

The number of creative jobs in the UK rose by nearly 20% last year to 442,000, up from 432,000 the year before, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). 

“The UK’s creative sector has become more attractive to employers because it is increasingly important to attract top talent, while offering strong benefits to the economy,” said Joanna King, the chief executive of the Creative Industries Association (CIA).

“A creative career has become a more appealing career for young people, and a key to getting into top creative jobs,” she added. 

Creative jobs were also gaining more prominence in the United States. 

In the US, creative directors earn more than creatives who work in other departments, and the median salary for a creative director in the private sector is $155,000. 

“Creative roles in the creative economy are becoming more valued as a means of attracting talent and retaining and promoting new talent,” said Chris Treadwell, a senior economist at the Economic Policy Institute (EPI).

“Creatives are finding themselves at a crossroads between working for creative companies and not working for a company at all,” he added.

In the UK, creative jobs are increasingly popular.

The number of top creative positions grew by 27% to 2,723,000 last year. 

But the median duration of creative roles is almost five years, and most of the job offers are less than two years. 

As a result, the number of talented creative professionals leaving the UK for greener pastures abroad has skyrocketed in recent years, according to research published by the Creative Industry Association. 

 “There is a great need for people to stay in the industry and to get a creative-led career,” said Pauline Grewal, managing director of the Association’s Creative Employment Centre.

“But I think there is a perception that there is not a need to be creative in a job and people need to stay away from that,” she said. 

And while the number of creative jobs has risen, the overall number of graduates in the sector is still shrinking. 

This year, the Creative Employment Service reported that the UK has a minority of graduates in its creative work, with just 2% of graduates making entrepreneurial success. 

More creative people have to work harder to stay employed, according the report. 

Some of the jobs that are less attractive to new graduates include art and design, social media, and film and television production. 

These are the areas that are seen as the most competitive in the creative work market. 

What’s more, the creative sectors that have thrived in recent decades are also those that have struggled. 

Research by the University of Reading found that in the years from 2004 to 2012, the percentage of UK-born graduates who had a job in the non-creative sector was down by almost 30%. 

According to the University, the gap between graduates who make the transition to the creative field and those who do not is narrowing. 

However, the creativity sector has yet to see a significant improvement in its employment prospects. 

Despite the positive job market for creatives, the UK is one of the worst performing economies for the creative industries, according research by the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC). 

And the UK is also one of only two countries in the world where creative jobs are not a priority for new graduates. 

For creators who want to make a mark in the art and design fields, the UK offers a variety of opportunities and offers creatures a chance to become professional creativists. 

While the creative industry has seen an increase in recent years, it is not a priority job for new entrants, according a study by the University of Bristol published in April 2017. 

To be successful, creatives need to make it to the top and be able to work on top of creating and making progress, according to Bryce Beale, chief executive at Creativity UK. 

Beale, who is also a director of Creature Arts, a UK charity that helps creatives with their


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