A lot of people think of Australian restaurant reviews, but that’s not the case.

For one thing, they’re rarely done in a way that accurately reflects the quality of the food.

So, here are our top 5 Australian dining destinations to look out for.


The Royal Victoria Hospital in Melbourne  The Royal Victoria’s menu is pretty straightforward, but it’s also very good.

The chef, Paul Brouwer, is known for his use of fresh ingredients and flavours.

The menu includes a number of dishes that are great for vegetarians or vegans, such as the salad with goat cheese and tomato, the vegetable stir-fry with lamb, and the chicken and rice with rice.

It’s an impressive list of choices, especially when compared to most Australian restaurants.

There’s also a great vegan menu, with a range of vegan and gluten-free dishes.

The restaurant also has a vegetarian and vegan-friendly pub, and it’s a good choice for a date night.


The Lighthouse Inn Melbourne The Lighthouse Hotel is located at the southern tip of the city of Melbourne, on a hilltop overlooking the city’s CBD.

It has a lovely waterfront feel, with views of Melbourne Harbour and the harbour.

The hotel is a modern hotel with a contemporary aesthetic.

The rooms are made of wood, with windows that look out onto the harbour, and a balcony.

There are also several restaurants inside the hotel, including a bar and lounge, as well as outdoor seating.

The dining room offers great options for vegetans and vegans.

The service is good, too.

The chefs are all very welcoming, and offer great food.

There is also a vegan restaurant inside the restaurant, which is very good for those with allergies.

The rooftop bar has some amazing views of the harbour and the city.


The Great Northern Hotel in Perth The Great Northern has been a hotel in Perth since 1963, and is now a hotel and hotel restaurant chain.

It features a wide range of dining options, with its vegetarian and gluten free menu.

It also offers a vegan and vegetarian-friendly dining area, with all the usual dishes, including steak, lamb and chicken.

The vegetarian options are also on point, with some of the most well-rounded options available.

A vegetarian meal costs just $12.95 (excluding tax) for a one-course meal, and an entree costs $15.95.

There also is a gluten-Free menu, and some gluten-friendly items are on offer.

There has been some controversy around the inclusion of gluten in some dishes, but in the end the menu reflects the restaurant’s gluten-friendliness.


The River Club Hotel Melbourne The River Club is an iconic hotel in Melbourne’s CBD, and hosts many events including weddings and celebrations.

The building features a large, central swimming pool, which provides the perfect setting for a romantic dinner.

A great option for vegetics and vegans is the vegan and vegetative menu.

There was a controversy surrounding the inclusion and price of gluten-containing dishes on the vegetarian menu, but the menu now clearly reflects this.

It costs just about $15 for a vegetarian meal, with an entreée costing $18.

The pub is very small, but serves great pub food, with great wine, as is the beer menu.

The main pub is great for lunch and dinner, and offers great food as well.


The Ritz Carlton Melbourne There are two Ritz Melbourne hotels in Melbourne.

The first is the Ritz, which was opened in 1965.

The second is the Hilton Melbourne, which opened in the same year.

Both of these hotels have been around for many years, and each has had its share of changes over the years.

The Hilton Melbourne is still a hotel, but is a luxury hotel with an extensive range of services including catering, laundry and fitness centre, and also has indoor pools and fitness rooms.

The other Ritz hotel is the Carlton Hotel, which closed in 2018, and which is still open.

It is a popular destination for vegetates and vegs, with many restaurants serving vegetarian dishes, and many vegetarian- and vegan dishes are on the menu.


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