By now you’ve probably noticed that the new creative grid design, dubbed “Creative Lettering” (yes, that’s the name), has been added to the site.

The new grid has an array of different lettering options for each letter in a word.

The grid has been made possible by the addition of a new type of grid, the Creative Lettering Template.

The template lets you design lettering based on the size and position of your letters.

For example, if you want to design a square of lettering for your lettering block, you can simply select a square from the grid and drag and drop it onto the letter.

It looks like this:As you can see, the lettering is now fully customizable.

There are four different types of letter shapes that you can use: square, circle, triangle, and diamond.

You can also choose between a series of letter fonts for the letter and you can change the font size for letters too.

There’s also a list of the letter font sizes and font styles.

In addition to the letter grid, there’s also an array type of letter grids that allow you to design letters with different types and sizes of letter-size blocks.

You could, for example, design a lettering grid with lettering blocks that are 6 inches wide and 3 inches tall.

It would look like this.

There are also a number of other new features.

First, there is a new tool, the “Creator Toolbar.”

The tool bar allows you to create new styles for lettering and to customize existing lettering styles.

There’s also the ability to change the size of letter blocks.

For instance, you could change the width of a letter block from 5 inches to 2 inches.

The tool also allows you add a circle to your letter and move it into a circle.

The circle would then move around the letter block, creating an ellipse shape.

Finally, there are a number toggles that can change color or change the shape of the letters.

These include: red, blue, green, yellow, and purple.

If you click on a color, it’ll bring up a color picker.

This can be very useful for choosing color that you want your letter to appear in, such as in this example.

The new Creative Letter


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