This week’s NHL news roundup:Canucks star Connor McDavid was wearing his favourite hat this week, which we’re sure he’s been wearing for a while now, but he was not wearing his dad’s.

“I’m going to wear this hat,” he said, to cheers from his teammates.

“This is my dad.”

The former first-overall pick has been rocking this particular hat, which he has worn on many occasions, for quite some time.

The hat was worn to the 2014 NHL Draft and McDavid, along with other young hockey players, got to experience how a hat makes you feel and what it can mean for your game.

Here’s what it means for you: “A hat makes me feel good,” McDavid said of his dad.

“That’s what a hat does.

It makes you happy.

It gives you energy.

It’s like your family.”

The hat is not meant to be worn with anything other than your normal gear.

It is also not meant for any of the following: a helmet, gloves, mask, wristband, or neck brace.

A hat is meant to just be the focal point for your look.

“My dad would wear this when he came into the room, to make sure he was wearing the right gear,” McDevils teammate and longtime hat wearer Brock Boeser said.

“We’d get together and have a beer after a game, and he would wear it to his office.”

So, what does a hat do to you?

It gives your face a little bit of colour, adds a little sparkle to your hair and make you look like you belong somewhere in the room.

The colour is meant as a “soft light” for your hair that helps to make it pop.

It also creates a “smooth surface” to make your face feel like you are somewhere else.

McDevillans hat is a nice, light look, he said.

He’s also wearing a light, cool hat, but with a bit of sparkle, too.

“The more sparkle I get, the more relaxed I am, which is really important for my game,” he added.

“It makes me look good and not like I’m trying to be a fake.”

The hat also helps McDevanis mood, said his teammate, Logan Couture.

“He’s just wearing his hat a lot,” Couture said.

McDevillians hat makes him look good.

It creates a smooth surface to make his face feel good.

The more sparkly you are, the better you will look at the game, said Couture, who is also wearing his father’s hat.

The less sparkly, the less you’ll feel good, he added, meaning that a more light hat can be just as good.

“But it’s also a good thing, because when you’re not playing, your head will be down, so you don’t want to be too bright,” Coutures father, Bob McDevans, said.

The hat makes it easy for you to look good, but also helps you relax.

It doesn’t distract you from what you’re doing.

It helps you get your focus, Couture added.

McDavid is not the only player to wear his dad as a hat.

It was worn by Sidney Crosby, who has worn it during games in the past.

“Sid, he’s got a hat on,” McSorley said.

It really makes him feel good.

“The hockey world is full of young players who have worn their dads hats to play.

Crosby has worn the hat in some games, but only recently.

McShays dad, who played in the NHL for 15 years, also wears the hat during games. “

When I’m playing, I wear my dad’s hat on the ice and that makes me so happy, because it gives me that feeling,” McShay said.

McShays dad, who played in the NHL for 15 years, also wears the hat during games.

“And I’m not kidding, I’m wearing it on the bench when I’m on the penalty kill,” McKay said.

“It’s just a really cool feeling when you wear your dad’s,” Couturys father, Brock, said of wearing the hat.

“You know, he looks good on me and it makes me happy to see that.”

McDevallys hat helps you feel good too.

Couture was wearing it during practice earlier this week.

“Because I play against a lot of guys that wear the hat, it makes it a little more fun,” Coutured said.

The younger McDevs father, who plays for the Colorado Avalanche, has worn his hat in the league for many years.

He was wearing a hat when he first came to the NHL in 1998, he explained.

“There’s some really good guys who have got hats on.

It just adds a bit more energy to my game, so it’s fun.” 

As far as McDevas dad is concerned, it


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