A creative hair care and styling company is making it easy for creative people to earn money on the side from their creations.

The Creative Hair Care and Styling team is making its first appearance in the video above.

The video is shot by the creative and talented Laura Lea and her partner Matt.

In the video, Laura and Matt talk about how they have been working with creative hair professionals for the last five years.

The couple have used their expertise in fashion design, makeup, hair and hairstyling to make some of the best products out there.

The products are a great way to make extra cash while you’re at the salon.

Laura said, “It’s not so much about the product, it’s about how it’s delivered to you.

We’ve been using the internet to sell to a wider audience and people want to know more about how we do it.”

The duo started by selling their first product called the Classic Styler, which costs $40 and is designed to make your hair look “perfect” on any occasion.

The brand is now expanding with new products, including their new Classic Stylers Hair Care Kit which costs a whopping $49.

Laura and her team have also developed a new salon called the Creative Hair Salon which charges $59 for a single salon session.

The salon offers styling services, manicures, and manicure treatments.

You can see more videos from the team on their YouTube channel, and you can see the whole video on the video below.


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