By creating a new lighting system, designers can make light sources appear in ways that previously couldn’t.

These “smart lights” could become more sophisticated and more sophisticated, allowing for more precise and powerful lighting effects. 

As designers begin to develop their own lighting and visual effects, the technology will need to adapt to fit the evolving landscape. 

In an interview with Digital Trends, Michael Sivak, an artist at the studio Artifactory, said that it would be very difficult to make light systems that are “intelligent” without incorporating an advanced visual system. 

Sivak’s team at Artifatron also recently released a new light controller, which is designed to give artists the ability to turn lights on and off from a single command. 

“The controller is like a light switch, it has a light sensor that determines the time of day and time of night.

When you push a button, it sends the signal to your lighting system to turn the lights on or off,” he told Digital Trends. 

The Artifactor controller, like the ones used in other lighting solutions, can be easily integrated with existing lighting and design software. 

But if your designers aren’t already familiar with the power of lighting, you can still use it to create a more creative lighting experience. 

You can make a simple light fixture by creating a simple 3D mesh to mimic the shape of a lamp, with a central LED and two small LEDs located on either side. 

To create the lighting system for your lighting, Siva and his team created a simple lighting system that can be used to create different patterns using a simple script. 

Here’s how you can create your own lighting system with this simple script: 1. 

Create a simple mesh of a simple shape, with two LEDs on either end, using this script.2. 

Choose an object, such as a light fixture or an object with a small LED. 


Add a second, more complex object to the mesh, such an object that can have an LED attached. 


Set the two lights in motion by using a command that allows the light controller to control the position and brightness of the object, using a standard script.5. 

When you press the light controller button on the camera camera, the light system will automatically switch on, and the two light bulbs will emit light, as shown in the video above. 


Press the button again to turn off the lights, and you’re done! 

How to make your own lights that work better than the existing ones: To make light in general more effective, it may be wise to consider a new approach to lighting.

“You don’t have to reinvent the wheel,” Sivasay says. 

 “Instead of using light sensors to determine the time and temperature, the smart lights can use a complex visual system that will automatically determine the amount of light needed to be used.

That way, you’ll have a system that looks really smart. 

If your lighting needs are very simple, the way you’ve set up a light controller can make sense, but if you have more complex lighting needs, it’s really hard to build an intelligent system that works well for all lighting scenarios.” 

If you’re looking for more tips on how to make more creative light with your lighting tools, follow ArtifFactory’s Lighting Guide on their website for more. 

Image credit: Artifactory


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